How To Get Rid Of Raccoons

Raccoons are most commonly found pest or animal found in the household. Yes, they look cute but the mischief of the raccoons can soon be troublesome if not controlled at an early stage. The area with access to water or damp is an ideal place for these pests. From the pools to the kitchen and to the drainage area, the kingdom of the pest keeps on expanding. It is therefore very important to keep a check on it in order to stop the infestation and spreading of diseases. There are some steps to get rid of the raccoons with some feasible ideas. These can be very effective and can be done pretty easily.

There are different methods to control and get rid of them. Here are things that you may follow.


The raccoons are attracted by the garbage food and the water. If you can cut the food and water supply from the pest, then they would have no interest in your house. The garbage collector must not have wet waste that can attract the pests. However, it is also wiser to seal pack waste before putting them in the trash.

It would be wise to use the heavy lid of the garbage box so that the raccoons do not get the opportunity to open the lid and get the food. Metal Box can be a good method for it. A stronger handle of the lid should be useful as well to keep your trash bin out from the reach of the raccoons.

Restrict the Entrance

The small holes and the openings act as their passage to enter the house and you must stop them. Well, it may take few days to identify the passages but putting newspapers on these openings and monitoring these newspapers may reveal the secret passage of the raccoons. Once identified, these passages must be restricted for access to the house. It is also likely that you would identify the places where the raccoons and family stay in your house. It is the holes or narrow places at your house that serve as their home. Putting tennis balls soaked with Ammonia or cotton soaked with Ammonia can be put across these holes to deter these raccoons from staying at your house.

Making them feel unwelcome can solve most of the problems, however, it is not necessarily put an end. You must clean the house and at the same time apply the various methods to enter the house. There are many places in the world, where the raccoons should not be killed legally without a permit and keeping that in mind, one can use the raccoon traps to trap these from infesting your house. However, there are many professional services available that can be sought for the removal of raccoons. However, the control and the prevention is in your hands and you can get rid of them pretty easily unless the situation goes out of the hand.
Raccoons are very easily found in the Northern American region and often create trouble. Especially in Ontario cities near the GTA. These methods can be very easily implemented to get rid of them.

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