How Much Should I Pay For Someone To Install Shutters

Installing shutters in your home can be both functional to protect your windows,and also attractive,improving and enhancing your property.If you have decided on the type and color of the shutters that will suit your space,then the next step is installing them.This may sound simple but can be extremely tricky.It is advisable to contact a professional in your area who can give you guidance on not only the type of shutters that would work in your home but also an idea on the pricing to fit the shutters you choose.

There are however a few things which must be considered when deciding whether to go ahead. These will all affect the final price for installation.

Are you installing the shutters on the Outside or Inside
There are both interior and exterior shutters.Interior shutters are usually a little more difficult to install as they must fit closely to the windows presently installed.Exterior shutters are usually fixed to the siding and often non functional which means they are then less expensive to install.

Shape of the Shutter
If your windows are a standard size and shape then the installation costs can be kept low.If special custom made shutters have been purchased it is safe to say that the installation costs with be higher.It is important that if you go to the expense of having specially made shutters that you do not spoil the overall effect by not taking that extra care when having them installed.

Moving Shutters
Shutters can be fixed permanently to a wall and stay flat against your home.If however you are looking at using the shutters to protect your windows in case of storms they will then be operable and have hinges and even runners. This would then increase the installation costs but if they are to be used for storm protection then the added expense is a must.

If you have purchased Roller Shutters or Plantation Shutters the installation costs will be higher to accommodate the fitting for movable parts.

Type of Material used when choosing a shutter

Shutters are available in a wide variety of materials from wood ,to vinyl,plastic and composite materials that look like wood.Obviously the final cost of buying and installing shutters is further affected by the cost of the raw materials.

Estimating Actual Installation Costs

Recent quotations provided by experienced craftsmen indicate that the cost to install exterior shutters starts at $110 to $173 per shutter.Estimates to install interior shutters indicate a costing of $310 to $ 460 per shutter.These estimates are basic work only.

Cost estimates INCLUDE the following :

Delivery costs for equipment and material to and from the site
Preparation of the site, including cost to protect the existing walls and finishes.
Costs for the clean up and debris removal after completion.
Labor charges for normal installation time when installing the shutters.Bear in mind that for small interior work the contractor may charge a minimum hourly fee

The costing does not include:

Any additional costs that may be required to modify existing framing surfacing and electrical systems.
Any costs that may be required to test or remove any hazardous materials ( i.e. lead or asbestos)
If a General Contractor is also to be employed to supervise the project then between 15 and 23 % should be added.
Sales tax that must be paid on material and supplies
Any building fees or permits that your local authority building department may call for.

It is strongly advised that at least three estimates be arranged before deciding on the final quote .


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