A Step By Step Diy Guide To Mold Remediation

Sometimes as a homeowner you want to be able to take care of the things that you should hire people for so that you can save on some money. This could include when you see signs of mold in your house. Before you embark on this process you should be prepared to get dirty. Also if you notice that you have extensive colonies of mold it is better to let the water damage services professionals handle the problem. Here is a step by step guide to how you can get rid of mold from your house.

– Ensure that you put on the necessary safety clothing to protect yourself from inhaling the spores of the mold and the fumes of the chemicals you might use in the process. Ensure you have rubber gloves, rubber boots, goggles and a mask on before you do anything.

– Open all the windows and doors so that there is enough fresh air flowing into the house or the room you are in.

– Using a mold removal detergent or bleach you clean the area where the mold has infested thoroughly. When using bleach, mix one cup of bleach with one gallon of water and not any more than that. Another effective product at getting rid of mold is vinegar. It is known to get rid of 82% of the mold and prevents recurrence when sprayed on the area that you were working on. The choice here depends on what you have readily available and what you would preference.

– If the mold was on items in the house that you can be able to get out of the house do the cleaning of such items outside the house.

– If the item you are cleaning or the surface is rough use a brush to scrub on the surface and get rid of the mold in the hard to reach places.

– Ensure that the mold is not spread to other areas where it could cause contamination by collecting it in one place on the affected surface without spreading it all over the house.

– Rinse the surface or the item with clean water.

– Dry the item or the surface completely and in the shortest time possible. If you have to use fans it is okay so that you accelerate the drying process. Slow drying can cause increase in moisture and recurrence of the mold growth.

– Check on the cause of the excess moisture that was causing the mold to thrive. This could be a leak somewhere in the house either on the roof or a pipe leakage. Have the leakage fixed immediately so that there is no recurrence of the mold in the house.

– Ensure that the air around the house smells fresh and clean using any product that can get rid of the smell of bleach or vinegar. You could use essential oils.

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